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Asheville , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Saturday, October 1, 2016 at 6:35AM

A Weekend to Remember

An upper low will pull away from us today as high pressure gradually strengthens over much of the eastern US. For the Southern Appalachian region, it’s going to be a beautiful weekend with plentiful sunshine and seasonably crisp Fall temperatures. The good times last through Monday before the “cold air damming” machine starts pumping in Atlantic moisture. The interior valleys will probably still see good weather, though the Blue Ridge will see clouds, drizzle and fog beginning on Tuesday. These unsettled conditions will last much of the week.

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Hi: 74 Lo: 52

Bright sunshine; Pleasant; Light & variable wind

Hi: 76 Lo: 54

Mostly sunny & perfect; Light NW wind

Hi: 76 Lo: 55

Great autumn weather continues with partly cloudy skies; Light SE wind

Hi: 74 Lo: 56

Partly cloudy & nice; AM fog and drizzle along the Blue Ridge

Hi: 72 Lo: 56

Partly cloudy; Nice in the valleys; Areas of fog and drizzle along the Blue Ridge

Further Out

Thursday - Partly cloudy; Still nice in the valleys; Fog and drizzle persist along the Blue Ridge; High in the lower 70s; Low in the mid 50s
Friday - Partly cloudy, depending on the track of Matthew; High in the mid 70s; Low in the mid 50s

Forecast Discussion

As expected, the upper low that brought all the excitement last week will lift to the north today, and then hook off to the east across New England. The low will continue to bring drier, continental air into the region through the weekend, resulting in beautiful Fall days. There may be some patchy valley fog in the mornings, and we’ll see some puffy cumulus clouds in the afternoons, but that’s it.

High pressure will build across the Northeast states early next week, quickly nosing down the East Coast in a classical “cold air damming” configuration. It’s funny to think that upper lows will bring better weather than high pressure, but in this case is true. For as the ridge builds in, easterly flow off the Atlantic will bring ample moisture into the region starting on Tuesday.

The interior valleys probably won’t see such bad conditions, for most of the moisture will spend itself over the eastern reaches of the Blue Ridge. In these escarpment locations, there will be plenty of clouds, drizzle and fog starting Tuesday morning, which becomes more widespread Wednesday and Thursday.

Powerful Category 4 Hurricane Matthew continues westward through the central Caribbean. We expect a northward turn later today, with the tropical cyclone likely impacting portions of western Cuba, Haiti and Jamaica. The Bahamas will be affected as we move into next week, and maybe the Carolina coast thereafter.


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