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Asheville , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at 7:00AM

Warm Today; Unsettled Mid-week; Cool-down Ahead

We'll see a return of the warm and humid air today, the only difference is today will be just a bit warmer than Monday. Some isolated afternoon and evening showers / t-showers will develop ahead of a cold front that dips into western NC tomorrow. Clouds will build into the area tonight ahead of tomorrow's front. Temperatures will drop just a few degrees through the rest of the week with today being the warmest. Expect more widely scattered showers and thunderstorms for Wednesday as the front drops in.

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Hi: 89 Lo: 65

Partly to mostly cloudy & warm; Isolated afternoon & nighttime showers & t-storms; Light wind

Hi: 87 Lo: 63

Partly to mostly cloudy; Scattered afternoon & evening showers & t-storms; Light NW wind

Hi: 86 Lo: 64

Partly to mostly cloudy; Scattered afternoon & evening showers & t-storms; Cooler; Light wind

Hi: 84 Lo: 63

Partly sunny; Isolated afternoon & evening showers & t-storms

Hi: 85 Lo: 63

Partly cloudy with widely scattered afternoon & evening showers & t-storms

Further Out

Sunday - Mostly cloudy with scattered showers & t-showers; Cooler; High in the lower 80s; Low in the mid 60s
Monday - Mostly cloudy with scattered showers & t-showers; Cooler than Sun; High in the upper 70s; Low in the mid 60s

Forecast Discussion

On the weather map today we have warm, humid, high pressure in control of the southeastern US while a cold front stretching from Oklahoma to Michigan is pushing east. We’re looking at a pretty strong high pressure over the southeast so this front will continue to march east into the Ohio valley today, then will pull up to the northeast (likely causing a bigger impact for the Mid-Atlantic) as we remain dominated by the high. That being said, we’ll still see isolated showers and storms today. Tuesday also looks to be the warmest of the week.

Wednesday we’ll have the best coverage of showers and thunderstorms as the cold front passes to our north and barely dips into western North Carolina. Temperatures will trickle down just a couple degrees though the end of the week. We’ll have a similar story for Thursday with less coverage of showers and thundershowers and more dry hours.

Friday we will be dominated by high pressure with only isolated thundershower coverage and temperatures just a bit cooler. This high breaks down and retreats into the Atlantic over Saturday as our next strong cold front pushes in from the Plains. This front looks to be strong enough to actually make it all the way though western North Carolina and bring a cool down, although it is still a few days out and some uncertainty remains about how strong the front will be when it shows up on the weather map, regardless we'll still see a bit of a break from the heat.


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