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Asheville , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at 6:52PM

Still Warm, Shower Chances Increase

We're a couple of days out from turning the tables on the late summer warmth (temporarily). An approaching front will drum up widely scattered PM showers and thundershowers Thursday as it passes Thursday night. However, the front's southward progression will be slowed by tropical storm Hermine. Friday is cooler, cloudy and breezy with a few showers. Labor Day weekend is about as good as it gets. Ample sunshine and refreshingly crisp air holds until early next week.

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Hi: 84 Lo: 66

Partly cloudy overnight; Isolated evening showers; Nearly calm wind

Hi: 85 Lo: 64

More afternoon cloudiness; Widely scattered PM showers & thunderstorms; Continued quite warm; NW wind 5-10 mph

Hi: 78 Lo: 59

Cloudy; Breezy; A few showers; NE wind 10-20 mph

Hi: 80 Lo: 58

Bright sunshine; Extremely nice

Hi: 80 Lo: 60

Sunny & spectacular

Further Out

Monday - Mostly sunny; More great weather for Labor Day; High in the lower 80s; Low in the lower 60s
Tuesday - Lots of sunshine; Getting warmer; High in the mid 80s; Low in the lower 60s

Forecast Discussion

Wednesday evening's discussion starts with the Tropical Atlantic. Tropical storm Hermine will strengthen on its way to North Florida, arriving there early Friday. It then crosses into SE Georgia during the day. The cyclone is now expected to track a little farther inland, crossing the South Carolina Midlands Friday night and Raleigh metro area on Saturday. Most modelling keeps it as a tropical storm prior to landfall; however, a period of time as a Category 1 hurricane is not out of the question. Hermine is expected to become either “sub-tropical” or “extra-tropical” during its trek across the Carolinas. However, it’s hybrid nature will maintain a strong low pressure system even if the well inland track verifies.

The front passes through Thursday night contributing to another afternoon of widely scattered thundershowers. The front stalls just to our south Friday as tropical storm Hermine is in the process of roughing up the deep south. For this reason we'll keep cloudy skies and the mention of a passing shower Friday.

It's smooth sailing this weekend as modified Canadian high pressure takes control. Lower humidity and noticeably cooler days prevail until early next week. This is the Labor Day weekend forecast you dreamed about. The downside, rain chances aren't promising in the foreseeable future (beyond Thursday) and unseasonably warm air begins to return Tuesday.


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