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Asheville , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Monday, July 28, 2014 at 6:34PM

Breezy and Cooler

The big cold front has passed and now all the fun weather we have left is gusty wind and a "maybe" stray evening shower. Temperatures will be cooler tonight with breezy conditions. Tuesday and Wednesday will be pleasant (cooler than seasonal norms). Enjoy the first half of the week because "grayer" weather develops Thursday lasting through the rest of this week.

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Hi: 77 Lo: 59

Partly cloudy; A stray shower possible; NW wind 10-20 mph & gusty

Hi: 76 Lo: 54

Partly cloudy; Cooler than the calendar suggests; NW wind 5-15 mph

Hi: 78 Lo: 57

Partly cloudy; Another very comfortable day; Light wind

Hi: 79 Lo: 59

Increasing clouds; Scattered light PM showers

Hi: 74 Lo: 60

Cloudy & cool for July; Scattered showers; Fog at night

Further Out

Saturday - Cloudy and quite cool; Rainy & foggy; High in the lower 70s; Low near 60 degrees
Sunday - Mostly cloudy; Some patchy AM fog; Stray showers possible; High in the upper 70s; Low in the lower 60s

Forecast Discussion

The cold front everyone has been talking about passed over the Appalachians around lunchtime today. Now the front sits well to our south and east giving the folks at the beach the "fun" weather we had last night! There is a bit of wrap-around moisture moving in from the Ohio valley (which is normal after a decent cold front, following the spin of the system) that could make an isolated, passing shower possible. Temperatures tonight are a step cooler than Sunday.

Tuesday and Wednesday, high pressure slides into the Eastern US as today's front moves down the Atlantic and to the Gulf Coast. Temperatures will be seasonably cool.

The front will remain to our south through the rest of the week with disturbances moving west along the front. High pressure will be centered in New England. Moisture from the south will overrun cool air at the surface. It will not be as dramatic as the "gray event" 10 days ago, but it will be reminiscent. Clouds increase Thursday with showers mostly in the afternoon. Friday and Saturday will be cloudy, seasonably cool with periods of rain and patchy fog. The muck will relent Sunday with somewhat warmer temperatures and only isolated showers (still some morning fog).


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